The insurance company is going to pay for everything

When I was in an accident last month, I thought everything was going to be upside down.

I was driving on the interstate and another truck swerved into my lane. The truck was a work vehicle for a local HVAC company. The guy driving did not see me and slammed right into the left side of my car. The whole side was damaged badly and I couldn’t even exit the vehicle without using the passenger side. It was the middle of rush hour traffic and we were lucky that no one else was hit or injured when the accident occurred. The ambulance came to pick me up and take me to the hospital. The wrecker company came to pick up my car and take it to the auto dealership. The next morning I got a call and an estimate for the damages. The car was really beat up and it was going to be $5000 to make all of the repairs. I felt my stomach fall when I heard the number. The lady at the dealership told me not to worry. The owner of the HVAC company called to take care of the repairs and they left a number for me to call for a rental car. She gave me all of the information including the direct cell phone number for the owner of the HVAC company. So far, they have been very helpful. They have paid for all of the damages to my vehicle and all of my hospital bills. There is no way they can deny culpability, so I think they are going to make everything right.


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