If that bill is over $500, we’re in trouble.

For the last year, my husband and I had been squirreling away every penny we could afford to save.

Some weeks, it was mere change that went into the savings, other weeks, we could have ten or even twenty dollars.

It depended on the bills we had to pay, and how much our groceries cost. With three kids, our grocery bills were quite high at times. Last week, we called the HVAC company to have our furnace scheduled for inspection and maintenance. We also needed to order a new box of air filters. We already knew the cost of the air filters, but we weren’t sure what the inspection was going to cost. We checked our savings account, and we had a little over $500 to spend with the HVAC company. If it went over that amount, we were in trouble because we couldn’t afford it. We sat in the kitchen talking and our youngest son came in. He was still in his pajamas, but he was carrying his piggy bank. He said that we could have all of his money for the HVAC company. He didn’t want to be cold in the winter. I almost cried as I explained that we would be all right. Mommy and daddy had everything covered. I wiped my tears and my husband was grinning from ear to ear. He picked up my son and told him that we weren’t in that much trouble. He told him that we just worried a little more than most people. That didn’t mean we weren’t holding our breaths when the HVAC technician showed up. When we were done with the inspection, we took a $5 bill and put in our son’s bank.


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