I usually will try to fix things myself

My air conditioner broke down a few weeks ago and I actually wanted to service it myself.

I hate having to pay someone else my hard earned money for them to service something for me when I could just do it myself.

I am a do it yourself style of person. Over the years I’ve taught myself to service all kinds of things, from the brakes in my automobile to my ice maker in the freezer. Usually I am actually pretty good at figuring stuff out or at least being able to watch a “how to” video and then figure it out myself. However, that wasn’t exactly the case when it came to the air conditioner situation I found myself in last year when it stopped working. It was hot that week, and I do mean hot. The weather was brutally hot and humid, and it seemed like the temperatures were just heating up more and more throughout the day. When the air conditioner stopped working, I had just come in from mowing the yard and I was burning up! All I wanted to do was sit down and watch television in the air conditioning. However, then I figured out pretty suddenly that the air conditioning wasn’t actually working! I messed around with it for a bit and then I watched a video on a heating and air conditioning website but that didn’t help me either. That was the one time when I gave up on fixing it myself fairly quickly. It was so hot that I didn’t actually care how much it cost me to get a professional heating and air conditioning specialist on the job!

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