You should always have a backup heat source

If I have l received anything over the years while living in the North, it is that you should always have a backup heat source in your home.

Where I live, the two of us have bad ice storms all of the time.

Ice storms are much worse than a proper snowstorm. The worst part about ice storms is that ice is heavy, and it will completely coat a tree or powerline, and after a bad ice storm, the power to the entire region can go out for weeks. I wish that I would never have to worry about the power going out, although I have lived in this area for over twenty years, and I don’t think that there has been a year when the power hasn’t gone out, then during times love this, it is essential that you have a backup heat source that allows you to keep your home warm. If you use a gas furnace, boiler, or other types of respected furnaces, there is a good option that your heating program will stop working when the power goes out in your area, but not multiple of us have the good fortune to live in a home with a fireplace or a wood stove, and heating your home is going to be tough without electricity. That is why I think that it is a good program to have a backup heating source. You can buy furnaces that run on kerosene or propane, and these furnaces will keep your home warm until the electricity comes on, then sure, these furnaces may cost a lot to use, but it will be a lot cheaper than having to re-plumb your entire home after the water freezes without a furnace.

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