My HVAC units won’t work because the electricity is out

Sometimes, it stinks to be poor.

  • One of the reasons that it stinks to be poor is that it isn’t always easy to figure out how you are going to pay your bills.

There have been a few times during which I was not able to pay my electricity bill, and when the power company comes to shut off your bills, it is very disappointing. The hardest part about having your electricity shut off is having to deal without an HVAC unit. Obviously, it stinks not to have television or the internet, but those things are just luxury items. You don’t need the media to survive. However, living without an HVAC unit for an extended period of time is probably one of the worst things ever. I hate not having my HVAC units working. It is especially bad during the winter when your furnace is supposed to be running. I live in the NOrth, and having a furnace that won’t turn on is a major problem. Without the furnace, my house gets dangerously cold. Thankfully, I have a gas stove, and I can heat the house up with my oven if I need to. However, sleeping without a furnace is bad because you cannot leave the oven on during the night. The scary part about not having your furnace is the problem with water freezing. I wish that I didn’t have to worry about my HVAC units having to be turned off because of the electricity. I just need to get ahead on my bills so that I can keep my HVAC units running all of the time.


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