Going to the eye doctor

It had been ages since I had last been to the eye doctor.

I have to admit, we are talking almost 20 years! But I had no choice but to make an appointment to see one recently because my vision was getting worse.

I simply needed new glasses. Who wouldn’t after 20 years of no eye check ups? My old eye doctor was no longer around, so I had to find a new one. And I did this by searching on the internet through many websites. When I found one that looked good I made the appointment. And let me tell you, the first thing that hit me when I walked into the eye doctor’s office was the air conditioning! They had some really hard and powerful central air conditioning flowing through that office! I could not believe how great it was! With it being over one hundred degrees outside, I have to admit that I was really feeling great walking into this place. It was just as good as walking into a regular doctor’s office in the how summer time months. I waited for a while in the waiting room till it was my turn for my eye doctor appointment. And I was so glad that they had really powerful air conditioning! Because otherwise it would have been tough sitting in that eye doctor’s office with bad air conditioning and feeling very overheated. I had done that other places before, and I was just thankful that wasn’t the case here. Finally after waiting an hour, it was my turn. I complimented the doctor on his great central air conditioning system too! He was glad someone noticed.
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