Going to the eye dentist

It had been ages since I had last been to the eye dentist. I have to admit, all of us are talking almost 20 years! But I had no choice however to make an appointment to see one recently because our vision was getting worse. I simply needed current glasses. Who wouldn’t after 20 years of no eye check ups? My outdated eye dentist was no longer around, so I had to find a current one. And I did this by searching on the internet through numerous websites. When I found one that looked good I made the appointment. And let myself and others tell you, the first thing that hit myself and others when I walked into the eye dentist’s office was the a/c! They had some really taxing & powerful central a/c flowing through that office! I could not guess how good it was! With it being over one hundred degrees outside, I have to admit that I was really feeling good walking into this locale. It was just as good as walking into a regular dentist’s office in the how Summer time weeks. I waited for a while in the waiting room till it was our turn for our eye dentist appointment. And I was so ecstatic that they had really powerful a/c! Because otherwise it would have been tough sitting in that eye dentist’s office with awful a/c & feeling legitimately overheated. I had done that other locales before, & I was just thankful that wasn’t the case here… Finally after waiting an hour, it was our turn. I complimented the dentist on her good central a/c idea too! She was ecstatic someone observed.

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